Machine Learning Basics – You Need To Know

Machine Learning – The hottest subject of today’s time. DataScientist is the sexiest job of today but implementation of these buzz words in real business is missing big time. The real need is to clarify, show, extract real values and reap rewards. “Machine Learning” sounds as gold mine to many businesses especially for the companies which are actually data factories i.e social media platforms.


Demystifying The Jargons

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are new buzzwords, which are commonly used by professionals and organizations. It is believed that these new technologies are going to impact every aspect of our lives and will open endless possibilities. AI has gone far more ahead then old school thought of “AI is bunch of if else statements”.

So it’s very important to understand, how these new technologies/techniques are going to change our world. People who will not adopt with this fast changing technologies will be left behind. You all are welcome to learn with me at a speed and comfort of your own. Welcome to the machine learning journey lets learn together. Sadly machine learning methods of today are mostly based on supervised machine learning (type of machine learning), this means we still have long way to go.

ML copy

Make a note of fact, if you really want to learn and have good, strong and commanding attitude over machine learning then you can’t run away from mathematics, probability, linear algebra, statistics, decision theory, algorithms flow and bit of neuroscience understanding at very high.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence use them as underline foundations below 3 pillars i.e. computing power, data and algorithms. ML is one of technology/technique under the umbrella of AI.

AI is using in many fields today some of them are Auto Pilot in Airplanes, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Computer Vision, info-security and fraud detection.