Artificial Intelligence is the Future for CyberSecurity

CyberSecurity – Hackers are also using artificial intelligence in cyber attacks that is more advanced and harder to detect….. This is the second post in “AI role in CyberSecurity” series by #AILabPage, first post is available here

Glimpse on Artificial Intelligence  & CyberSecurity

It’s easy to describe & define Artificial intelligence compare to what actually it is. Now to put it in one liner “AI is kind of  intelligence demonstrated by machines to do the same task done by any human using natural intelligence”. In other words same task performed by Human with Natural Intelligence and  Machine with Artificial Intelligence should produce same results. Speed, quality and productivity are the measuring units here.

Artificial Intelligence is the Future for CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity is a necessary component of every business in this digital age. It protects internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks. For Cybersecurity in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans; machine needs to check and detect anomalies in cyber data.

CyberSecurity powered with Artificial Intelligence can boost transparency levels of Cyber playing field.

In a cybersecurity context, AI is a software that perceives its environment well enough to find events and take action against predefined purpose. It can also learn and build the rules on the go as well; actually that’s the real AI.